…Your paintings are endlessly wonderful and your input always good. Our destinations were hidden (from me!) gems, and everyone was amazingly welcoming to our group and I believe you set that tone wherever we went. I’m so appreciative of your vibe, smile.

…You are lots of fun and you know what you are doing with the workshop. Very professional. Good pace. Good flexibility. Good painting locations and set ups. And yikes the home we stayed in and you stocked — perfect. Truly you both thought of everything. I would paint with you again.

…Now I see my painting color sense is in the process of change, and I’m looking forward to where this path leads me. Thanks for the push.

…I miss our little Stimigliano family already.  We had such a wonderful week with the three of you.  I appreciated your many miles of driving, the fabulous rented house for the four of us, the dishes that you prepared and left in our refrigerator, the stocking and provisioning of the kitchen, the wonderful meals at various restaurants, and the many stories about yourselves as well as historical information.  It was like traveling with an encyclopedia to have Blair in the driver’s seat.

…Thank you so much for your hospitality and unforgettable experiences in Italy.  Can’t wait to come again!