A Day of Painting

Blair and Laurie Pessemier paint in Rome and its environs.   Or in Bologna or Modena; you see, we have this love affair with Italy.  And painting.  We invite you to paint with us.   We will provide easels, paints, canvas — everything you need to create a masterpiece.  You decide if you want to paint in the city or the country.

We will meet you at the Borghese Gardens, or the Spanish Steps, in Rome, or you can meet us out in the country where we can paint, well, something like the landscape above.  Or in the big square in Bologna; or the cathedral in Modena….  Rain or shine, we know where to go.

Contact us at lfpessemier@gmail.com, or using the form.   We  will paint with just you, or with your  group:  depending on location, our rates start at 125 each for a half day for two people.

Just let us know when and who, and we’ll make a plan.


Length of tour Description Cost/euro
 per person
Half or full day Paint in the Sabina countryside or in the city.  We can meet at Stimigliano  Scalo train station, or we’ll meet you in Rome.  We’ll bring everything you need and can include lunch and critique as requested. 125.00 € for 3 hours/175 for 5 hours (for two people minimum).  If you are  by yourself, we’ll  charge slightly more.
3-5 days Take a painting workshop with a full day  of painting, all supplies included.  We can put you up in the countryside, or meet you each day at your hotel. starting at 1250 for two people.
Custom workshop If your group would like to paint, we can provide all services from pickup at the airport, accomodation, and painting.   Typically, we have agroup of 2 to 4 painters  (we have had as many as 19) and produce one or two paintings a day for a week.  We will include a museum visit, shopping day — whatever you would like. quote on request